Oscars needs a Lover too !

Lover was in the house at The 87th Academy Awards ready to bring magic to the dressing rooms and Architectural Digest Green Room for the presenters, actors, plus people that make it all happen behind the scenes.. it's a pleasure to be a part of it all in some small way, adding some pre-stage buzz! And we were just informed that "someone" called in to request Lover be back for the show again!

I Love You I Love You I Love You

Lover had the great honor of catering for David Drebins' first ever exhibition 'I Love You I Love You I Love You', which happened to be on Rochelle's birthday, 11th February, at the De Re Gallery in West Hollywood !

David Drebin is an American photographer, known for his sexy, intrigue-filled images of celebrities and non-celebrities alike. He has contributed to magazines ranging from Vanity Fair, Travel + Leisure, and GQ to Elle and Rolling Stone. He has also made portraits of Charlize Theron, John Legend, Sandra Bernhard, Kevin Bacon and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Lover took the night by storm.

Jase Whitaker feelin' the love !

Jase Whitaker feelin' the love !

Melissa Meyers sharing the love !

Melissa Meyers sharing the love !

Rochelle with gallery owner Steph Sebbag, and Alegra from Jane Owen PR serving up the love !

Rochelle with gallery owner Steph Sebbag, and Alegra from Jane Owen PR serving up the love !

Xmas Day Kitchen Fun With Dara

Dara and I are at it again ! We spent a lovely Xmas Day together and made this little video on how we prepare Irish Moss, which is delicious used in raw icecreams, puddings, smoothies, nut cheeses and etc, to thicken them up and give a deliciously decadent creamy texture!

Happy Holidays !


Lover sponsors Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché

It was an honour to support such an amazing film, in Charlie Chaplin's old screening room at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood.. and as you can see, Lover (in the middle) didn't last very long !

"Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché" is the upcoming feature-length documentary about the first woman film director, screenwriter, producer, studio head and studio owner. Alice Guy-Blaché made one of the first fiction films in history at the age of 23 in 1896 in Paris, and went on to write, direct, or produce 1000+ movies in France and in the U.S. The doc is executive produced by Robert Redford, narrated by Jodie Foster, and features interviews of Sir Ben Kingsley, Geena Davis, Julie Taymor, Diablo Cody, Julie Delpy, Peter Farrelly, Evan Rachel Wood, Catherine Hardwicke, Andy Samberg, Gale Anne Hurd, among many others. It is directed and produced by Pamela Green, co-directed by Jarik van Sluijs and co-produced by Gala Minasova.

Giving Thanks !

There is a certain chocolate that has that feeling of magic when you eat it. Some people are sensitive enough to feel the effects when consuming real cacao. I am blessed to be one of those people. I never imagined I'd have a chocolate business, and I don't think it's something I chose. As with my day job, singing (!), it's more like something that chose me.

The cacao that found me happens to be the purest form in the world! It's the cacao all other hybrids came from worldwide. It's wild, heirloom, and grows high up on the volcanoes in Ecuador.

So today I would like to give thanks to all the people who have protected these lands and ancient trees. I would like to thank the farmers who sustain this land with such a love for nature and respect for mother-nature.
I would like to thank the workers who dedicate their lives to learning techniques passed down thru generations, making the most incredible superfoods available to those who are interested in food on a whole other level.

And as we move from Thanksgiving into the new year, I promise to honour your work and dedication and make it my own.

With Love,

p.s - yes the cacao really does come down the volcanoes via horseback !


Heaven & Earth Oasis

Lover Raw Chocolate is all about supporting our community in California.

That's why we donated to Heaven & Earth Oasis this month. 

Any small gesture helps, it creates awareness & much needed support to the war veterans, that are often forgotten!

Energy healing is used by most of the military medical community for PTSD & other emotional & physical conditions incurred in war zones.. and we want this to continue... so please consider supporting them in any way you can...

what is your #actoflove today?

Petit Ermitage take Lover to the next level, and it's not just pillow talk !

A little while back we announced that the very elegant and sassy Petit Ermitage selected Lover Raw Chocolate for their minibars, making superfood history !

We love working with companies that prioritise the best interests of their customers. All too often high end companies cut costs anywhere they can, even though they could easily afford to care more about the finer detail... so, imagine arriving at your hotel room to raw vegan superfood chocolate on your pillow ? Now that's forward thinking !

Thank you Petit Ermitage for making Lover Raw Chocolate a part of your customers high end travel experience on the next level ! It's an honour to be selected as your pillow chocolate, as well as the minibars ... and I know where I'll be staying should I need a hotel in LA !

A Lover's Gift Box for PathPoint's 50th Anniversary

Lover's contribution to PathPoint's 50th Anniversary, at the GRAMMY Museum in LA on October 18th...

Catered by ‪Wolfgang Puck‬ with honored guests such as ‪Jacqueline Cereceres,‬ ‪David De Santos,‬ ‪‎Jaime Ray Newman‬, ‎Guy Nattiv‬, ‪James Dumont‬ and ‪‎Matt Riedy‬.

PathPoint is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with disadvantages and disabilities reach their fullest potential. 

Having grown up with a disabled brother, Rochelle knows all too well the challenges involved for families and the community, so it's something she's very passionate about !

Loving the world one heart at a time ... what is your ‪#‎actoflove‬ today?

Jini Cicero features Lover

We'd like to thank Jini Cicero for featuring Lover Raw Chocolate on her website...

Jini’s success stories can be found in front of the camera as with rocker Gene Simmons and actress Tracie Thoms, amongst others. She has appeared as an exercise consultant on NBC’s Access Hollywood and featured in publications such as The Los Angeles Daily News, U.S. News and World Report, and Shape Magazine, and has also written articles for many fitness and nutrition newsletters.

Thanks Jini for spreading our message !


Lover presents at the June Pagan, Brian Clement, WestSide Health Practitioners event

It was an honour to be invited by #JunePagan (#celebrity #chef to #AlPacino #DianeKeaton .. the late #ElizabethTaylor #etc !) to present #loverrawchocolate to a room full of #doctors ! #BrianClement gave a fantastic talk on #cancer and his many decades of research... fascinating and inspiring to every single one of us. Rochelle has interviewed Brian in the past so was awesome to see him again too !

#HippocratesHealthInstitute #rawfood #vegan #letfoodbethymedicine #doctorslovelover

Lover's hot summer #actoflove to Pathpoint

Rochelle grew up with a disabled brother, so knows all too well the challenges faced by families, particularly when their children with disabilities become adults. 

So this hot summer, Lover Raw Chocolate's #actoflove is to donate $1 of each gift tin or refill bag you purchase online to Pathpoint

Let’s make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities or economic disadvantages.