Giving Thanks !

There is a certain chocolate that has that feeling of magic when you eat it. Some people are sensitive enough to feel the effects when consuming real cacao. I am blessed to be one of those people. I never imagined I'd have a chocolate business, and I don't think it's something I chose. As with my day job, singing (!), it's more like something that chose me.

The cacao that found me happens to be the purest form in the world! It's the cacao all other hybrids came from worldwide. It's wild, heirloom, and grows high up on the volcanoes in Ecuador.

So today I would like to give thanks to all the people who have protected these lands and ancient trees. I would like to thank the farmers who sustain this land with such a love for nature and respect for mother-nature.
I would like to thank the workers who dedicate their lives to learning techniques passed down thru generations, making the most incredible superfoods available to those who are interested in food on a whole other level.

And as we move from Thanksgiving into the new year, I promise to honour your work and dedication and make it my own.

With Love,

p.s - yes the cacao really does come down the volcanoes via horseback !