A Lover's Gift Box for PathPoint's 50th Anniversary

Lover's contribution to PathPoint's 50th Anniversary, at the GRAMMY Museum in LA on October 18th...

Catered by ‪Wolfgang Puck‬ with honored guests such as ‪Jacqueline Cereceres,‬ ‪David De Santos,‬ ‪‎Jaime Ray Newman‬, ‎Guy Nattiv‬, ‪James Dumont‬ and ‪‎Matt Riedy‬.

PathPoint is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with disadvantages and disabilities reach their fullest potential. 

Having grown up with a disabled brother, Rochelle knows all too well the challenges involved for families and the community, so it's something she's very passionate about !

Loving the world one heart at a time ... what is your ‪#‎actoflove‬ today?