'One Starry Night' !

When Rochelle isn't making chocolate, she's singing... well, she's singing while making your chocolate too, but in this case, she's just singing !

Rochelle and a small crew adventured deep into the low desert during the hottest month of the year! 3am, the morning of this shoot they were blessed with the biggest meteorite shower of the year, and shooting stars, howling dogs, circling hawks, warm breezes.

'One Starry Night' is available via Andromeda Sonics on iTunes, GooglePlay & AmazonMP3

Upcoming remix EPs // Inyan Music 2015
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by Thomas Gandey, Deneha, Animal Trainer, Jonny Cruz / Ominous, Animalist

Music by Rochelle Vincente Von K & Marc Adamo
Website : www.product01.co.uk
Soundcloud : @rochelle-vincente-von-k
Facebook : @rochelle.vonk
Instagram : @rochellevincentevonk
Twitter : @RochelleVonK

Guitar by Tico Zamora

Directed by Jeff Skeirik
Website : www.rawtographer.com

Visual FX by David Wilcock
Website : divinecosmos.com