Lover Meets One Grateful Heart for Mothers Day

Hi Lovers,

On Saturday ‪#‎Lover‬ participated in the ‪#‎GratefulHeartGala‬, supporting in raising funds for ‪#‎Nepal‬. Their team has already deployed to the earthquake stricken areas.

Meeting ‪#‎ArleneSamen‬ was like meeting an angel. It was deeply moving to hear her story and feeling of responsibility towards helping others. The whole event was inspiring, so many people coming together to do what they can.

Before I send off my check for the ‪#‎OneHeartWorldwide‬ this week, I would like to raise some more funds in the next few days... Millions of people have been left homeless, and without food and clean water, it's an unimaginable scenario that's easy to forget about since so much is going on in the world, and yet we can't give up, everything helps. The great thing about One Heart is, 100% of the money goes to where it's needed.

For ‪#‎MothersDay‬, 30% of all ‪#‎LoverRawChocolate‬ order proceeds will go to One Heart Worldwide to help the mothers in Nepal.. this will last until tomorrow, Tuesday midnight LA time, as all your orders have to be in the post by Wednesday lunchtime to ensure you receive it on time too! If you are willing to push it to midnight Wednesday for last orders, to be in the post on Thursday, and risk maybe receiving your package either Saturday or Monday, then please by all means do so and add a message to your order to let me know ! ... living on the edge, woo !

I hope you have a beautiful week and Happy Mothers Day to all the awesome mums in the world ! Without you, as we know, there is nothing !!

what is your ‪#‎actoflove‬ today?