Exciting NEW Lover Product !

A cafe in LA recently asked me to make a raw chocolate superfood powder for all of their hot drinks and smoothies, out of the Lover Raw Chocolate signature formula.. well of course I had a raw chocolate powder product in England 8 years ago, so they inspired me to recreate my delicious raw chocolate superfood blend, not only for them, but for you ! More on them later, but now - YOU can buy the Lover Raw Chocolate Superfood Balancing & Energizing Blend from the Lover Shop !

There's no art to powders like there is to the crafting of a chocolate bar - other than the alchemy of the perfect blend of ratios, and there's a magic to having raw chocolate, maca and purple corn extract in hot water as the Mayans' consumed it, they were onto something ! Without the butter buffer it goes straight into your blood stream, so you can have an instant high that lasts for hours, yes really !

I had a lot of fun working on this and "testing" the results... I may have over tested it ;) just to be sure it's perfect ! And added a heart or two of Lover Raw Chocolate to add to the creaminess !

So here's more info from the packaging label ... You can also go to the ingredients page on my website for extra info !


There is an ancient Hopi prophecy that says when purple corn comes to the West, it is a sign that great changes are happening on our planet.
An ancient plant that comes from Peru, it is greatly revered in Mayan culture. Purple corn extract is juiced and sundried leaving the powerful antioxidants.
A nutritive powerhouse due to its extremely high anthocyanin content, eating it connects us to our ancient cellular memory.

Purple Corn Extract - Third Eye Activation

Raw Chocolate – Heart Activation

Maca - Root Activation

Organic Ingredients : Single Origin Heirloom Ecuador Arriba Nacional
Cacao Powder, Lucuma, Premium Maca, Non GMO Purple Corn Extract,
Madagascar Vanilla, Green Leaf Stevia, Himalayan Salt

All Lovers’ ingredients are Fairtrade

6.2 oz / 175 g / 35 servings
Add 1 TBSP to your favorite hot or cold drink with sweetener of choice, or sprinkle on things! Enjoy!

Rochelle x