Big News Coming Soon !

Hi Lovers,

Things have been alittle quiet on the news front lately, but we are working very hard behind the scenes and will have some incredibly exciting announcements soon!

Lover is about to become far more accessible to everyone everywhere, woohoo! Look forward to sharing the expansion and relaunch dates shortly...

Thanks for all of your heartwarming emails. It's your belief in us that drives us forward. 

Rochelle xox

Rochelle's New Single Is Back In With The Grammys Again !

Deal Me In was shot by Multi Award Winning Indie Film Director Stephen David Brooks, and has just made the final Grammy Nomination selection.
For your consideration under Song Of The Year, Best Pop Performance, Record Of The Year & Music Video Of The Year.
With over 111K hits on uTube & 22K hits on Vimeo already, we would like to thank you for your support <3
With Love, Rochelle xox


The secret Lover ingredient revealed ...

HI Lovers, here's the next candid installment ! 

Today I reveal the secret Lover Raw Chocolate ingredient of the month! It's versatile, adds delicious texture, and is full of incredible health benefits, just to add to an already super dooper healthy superfood chocolate.. winning! I hope this inspires you to experiment... Enjoy!! 


Rochelle xo

P.s. Maya is a background artist in this one, but fear not, she will be back in full force next time!

How To Make Vegan Cheese With Irish Moss! (To Go With Your Chocolate!!)

Hi Lovers!

I just put this candid video together as a follow up to the "How To Prepare Irish Moss" one. It's kinda long, and even as such, doesn't cover everything on how to make delicious cashew & vegan cheeses (!) but there is a lot of info here, also on magnets around blenders, my journey into the world of superfoods, adding Irish Moss, wild foods, Shazzie's book Evie's Kitchen, and various other geeky things. I figure since cheese is the hardest thing to give up for people leaning more towards plant based foods (after chocolate!) now you don't have to !! All the while enjoying some crazy electronica from my band. 


Rochelle xo

Rochelle Hits The Kitchen !! How To Prepare Irish Moss..

Hi Lovers,

I felt inspired to make this simple low fi video on how to prepare Irish Moss! It’s an ingredient people often ask me about, for super creamy vegan desserts, parfaits, smoothies, puddings, nut cheeses, raw breads and even as a face & body mask!

It has a myriad of health benefits that I share in the video… it really is a genius food, and I would love to see more people feel confident in experimenting with it! Enjoy!!


Rochelle xo

A new home video sharing Rochelle's journey !


What better way to communicate than in a home video made just for you !

I was on a spontaneous trip to Malibu with my partner in crime Maya, and turned the camera on.
Learn more about what's been happening, healing from TBI, info on the Lover Shop, and a new product now available !

I hope you enjoy this fun neon electro beach fest!


Rochelle xo


Our Lover Shop Is Backkkkk

Hi Lovers,

Our Lover Shop is back online for certain items!
Lots more to come, but enough of you have written in requesting it, so voilà !
We are taking pre orders now, and will ship everything for this handcrafted small batch on the 28th of February. 

We also have a new surprise recipe feature, so if you are feeling adventurous and want a surprise in the post, this one's for you !
Our classic Lover recipe with maca and purple corn extract, will have a monthly added ingredient that you will only discover upon opening your package! To spice things up, and expand your exploration of raw chocolate possibilities, Rochelle will first surprise you (!) and then create a small candid video at the end of the month, sharing her knowledge of this ingredient!  
Since we are in late February, and just getting the orders rolling now, the first video will be released at the end of March. 

Let the fun begin ...


Rochelle xo


Lover in 2017

Hi Lovers,

A little while back I mentioned Lover Raw Chocolate is transitioning... we certainly are still doing so, I look forward to sharing some solid news very soon... and really appreciate your patience ... 
Your letters have been heart warming, and only inspire me to work that little bit harder to ensure we can provide you with the most luscious chocolate in the world. 

Here's to a rocking 2017...

Pray tuned !


Rochelle xox 

'Blazing' ....

Rochelle's single 'Blazing' was shortlisted for two Grammy nominations, under Record Of The Year and Music Video Of The Year.... it's a song about taking back our power... which is the principle Lover Raw Chocolate was founded on... and we are pretty sure the whole cast and crew were fueled on Lover too !!!

Enjoy <3

Lover News ...

Hi Lovers !

I wanted to share what has been happening with ‪#‎LoverRawChocolate‬.

‪#‎PetitErmitage‬ has opened up another 20 rooms to ‪#‎Lover‬, so we are now supplying the whole hotel ! As it's our favorite hotel in ‪#‎Hollywood‬, we are excited !

Since my car accident late last year I have been maintaining orders that already exist, but not growing the business any further. I have not physically been able, and it's been a healthy time of reflection to work out next steps that will ultimately benefit the business most. In this time some great opportunities have unfolded that will ensure expansion.

That's all I will say for now, so watch this space and I will update you when I can !

My goal is to make the most delicious best quality superfood heirloom chocolate that supports third world communities and our planet, and have it be available on a much grander scale. ‪#‎BeReady‬ !

Have a great week!

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 Erewhon, LA.. sold out of probiotic chocolate yet again !

Erewhon, LA.. sold out of probiotic chocolate yet again !

'One Starry Night' !

When Rochelle isn't making chocolate, she's singing... well, she's singing while making your chocolate too, but in this case, she's just singing !

Rochelle and a small crew adventured deep into the low desert during the hottest month of the year! 3am, the morning of this shoot they were blessed with the biggest meteorite shower of the year, and shooting stars, howling dogs, circling hawks, warm breezes.

'One Starry Night' is available via Andromeda Sonics on iTunes, GooglePlay & AmazonMP3

Upcoming remix EPs // Inyan Music 2015
Soundcloud : @inyanmusic
by Thomas Gandey, Deneha, Animal Trainer, Jonny Cruz / Ominous, Animalist

Music by Rochelle Vincente Von K & Marc Adamo
Website :
Soundcloud : @rochelle-vincente-von-k
Facebook : @rochelle.vonk
Instagram : @rochellevincentevonk
Twitter : @RochelleVonK

Guitar by Tico Zamora

Directed by Jeff Skeirik
Website :

Visual FX by David Wilcock
Website :

Lover Meets One Grateful Heart for Mothers Day

Hi Lovers,

On Saturday ‪#‎Lover‬ participated in the ‪#‎GratefulHeartGala‬, supporting in raising funds for ‪#‎Nepal‬. Their team has already deployed to the earthquake stricken areas.

Meeting ‪#‎ArleneSamen‬ was like meeting an angel. It was deeply moving to hear her story and feeling of responsibility towards helping others. The whole event was inspiring, so many people coming together to do what they can.

Before I send off my check for the ‪#‎OneHeartWorldwide‬ this week, I would like to raise some more funds in the next few days... Millions of people have been left homeless, and without food and clean water, it's an unimaginable scenario that's easy to forget about since so much is going on in the world, and yet we can't give up, everything helps. The great thing about One Heart is, 100% of the money goes to where it's needed.

For ‪#‎MothersDay‬, 30% of all ‪#‎LoverRawChocolate‬ order proceeds will go to One Heart Worldwide to help the mothers in Nepal.. this will last until tomorrow, Tuesday midnight LA time, as all your orders have to be in the post by Wednesday lunchtime to ensure you receive it on time too! If you are willing to push it to midnight Wednesday for last orders, to be in the post on Thursday, and risk maybe receiving your package either Saturday or Monday, then please by all means do so and add a message to your order to let me know ! ... living on the edge, woo !

I hope you have a beautiful week and Happy Mothers Day to all the awesome mums in the world ! Without you, as we know, there is nothing !!

what is your ‪#‎actoflove‬ today?


Exciting NEW Lover Product !

A cafe in LA recently asked me to make a raw chocolate superfood powder for all of their hot drinks and smoothies, out of the Lover Raw Chocolate signature formula.. well of course I had a raw chocolate powder product in England 8 years ago, so they inspired me to recreate my delicious raw chocolate superfood blend, not only for them, but for you ! More on them later, but now - YOU can buy the Lover Raw Chocolate Superfood Balancing & Energizing Blend from the Lover Shop !

There's no art to powders like there is to the crafting of a chocolate bar - other than the alchemy of the perfect blend of ratios, and there's a magic to having raw chocolate, maca and purple corn extract in hot water as the Mayans' consumed it, they were onto something ! Without the butter buffer it goes straight into your blood stream, so you can have an instant high that lasts for hours, yes really !

I had a lot of fun working on this and "testing" the results... I may have over tested it ;) just to be sure it's perfect ! And added a heart or two of Lover Raw Chocolate to add to the creaminess !

So here's more info from the packaging label ... You can also go to the ingredients page on my website for extra info !


There is an ancient Hopi prophecy that says when purple corn comes to the West, it is a sign that great changes are happening on our planet.
An ancient plant that comes from Peru, it is greatly revered in Mayan culture. Purple corn extract is juiced and sundried leaving the powerful antioxidants.
A nutritive powerhouse due to its extremely high anthocyanin content, eating it connects us to our ancient cellular memory.

Purple Corn Extract - Third Eye Activation

Raw Chocolate – Heart Activation

Maca - Root Activation

Organic Ingredients : Single Origin Heirloom Ecuador Arriba Nacional
Cacao Powder, Lucuma, Premium Maca, Non GMO Purple Corn Extract,
Madagascar Vanilla, Green Leaf Stevia, Himalayan Salt

All Lovers’ ingredients are Fairtrade

6.2 oz / 175 g / 35 servings
Add 1 TBSP to your favorite hot or cold drink with sweetener of choice, or sprinkle on things! Enjoy!

Rochelle x


Oscars needs a Lover too !

Lover was in the house at The 87th Academy Awards ready to bring magic to the dressing rooms and Architectural Digest Green Room for the presenters, actors, plus people that make it all happen behind the scenes.. it's a pleasure to be a part of it all in some small way, adding some pre-stage buzz! And we were just informed that "someone" called in to request Lover be back for the show again!