Best Summer Hostess Gift
— The Huffington Post
Thank you from all of us at The Oscars for being an invaluable part of this year’s show.. the response was just terrific with various celebrities taking the tins back to their seats ...and here’s to doing it all again next year!
— The Academy Awards

Handmade artisan chocolate. 
Heirloom. Organic. Raw. Superfoods. 
Fairly Traded. Vegan. GMO Free. Pesticide Free. 
Gluten Free. Low Glycemic.

Refill your gift tin and take Lover everywhere you go!

One of the many reasons to love Lover is because our chocolate contains purple corn extract !

There is an ancient Hopi prophecy that says when purple corn comes to the West, it is a sign of great change and healing.

For pineal gland activation, antioxidants and anthocyanins, which are also found in acai powder, red wine and blueberries... or simply indulge in Lover ! 

Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.
— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Rochelle & Dara whip it up ! How to make a simple raw chocolate recipe in your own kitchen. For more Lover Raw Chocolate videos go to our Press, News, Videos & Blog, enjoy !