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Rochelle Vincente Von K is Viennese born Australian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, Japanese Reiki Master Teacher, Certified IIN (Institute For Integrative Nutrition) Health Coach / who won the Leadership in Health Coaching Award of the Year at IIN for 2019, and chocolatier to the stars. Her globetrotting career started in Australia gracing magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and she moved onto TV and film appearances.
Rochelle has collaborated with many artists, such as Ursula 1000 / Dr Luke, Alter Ego, Larry Tee / Princess Superstar, Adam Freeland, Bassnectar & Katie Melua, touring to crowds of 40 000+ people with bands such as Wilson Pickett, Fatboy Slim, The Lightening Seeds & Krome Angels, as well as performances for Radio One, XFM and Tate Britain.

After arriving in the UK, she made a short film for the UK Film Council, 'I Make My Pictures For What Hollywood Spends On Lipstick', which hit film festivals from London to LA.

She joined the Brit-pop sensation Dubstar, and went on to front her own band Product.01, spawning the MTV video hits ‘Heart Ov Glass’ & ‘Hot Trap’.

Tracks from Rochelle’s upcoming album, ‘Three Is The New Four’, feature in upcoming British film ‘Geography Of The Hapless Heart’, she opened London Fashion Week with a live performance for celebrity designer Prophetik, who creates stunning hemp silk gowns. You can enjoy her music videos for 'One Starry Night' HERE ! 'Blazing' HERE ! 'Deal Me In' HERE ! And ‘Valley Ov Fire’ HERE
If you would like to stay in the loop with her music, her artist website is

Rochelle is a Japanese reiki master teacher with 20 years experience in healing and teaching, and wrote the App '97 Reiki Tips', which is available in iTunes (compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). 

Her monthly interview program on Shazzie's VIP Room, featured guests including Dr John Demartini (Author, public speaker, book & film The Secret), Dr Brian Clement (PhD, LNC Co-Director, Hippocrates Institute), Marc Francis (Award winning director / producer - Black Gold, When China Met Africa, Walk With Me: On The Road With Thich Nhat Hanh), Dr Robert Verkerk (Alliance Of Natural Health International - scientist, acclaimed expert in agricultural, environmental and health sustainability), Ron Teeguarden (Dragon Herbs, master herbalist, author and lecturer), TR Goodman (Pro Camp Sports, elite sports trainer) amongst many others.

As chocolatier, Rochelle has quite a celebrity following, and her clients include The Academy Awards, MTV, Costume Designers Guild Awards, The Supper Club, NYC Fashion Week and CBS/FOX. 


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It all started about a decade ago as a collaboration with top raw food author Kate Magic Wood. Wanting to bring a healthy alternative to the world, Rochelle's chocolate, then called 'The Bullet Ride Power Bar' (named after her band Product.01's album 'Bullet Ride'), became a top seller in Wholefoods and health food stores around the UK.
Eventually deciding to create her own product range so that Rochelle could expand her recipes from raw chocolate to superfood truffles and beyond, Lover Raw Chocolate was born.

Rochelle formulated her popular Lover recipe based on the Traditional Japanese Energetic System she practises through Reiki, known as The Three Diamonds! The Three Diamonds correspond to the energies of Earth; our base hara - activated by Maca, Heaven; our Pineal Gland - activated by Purple Corn Extract, and Oneness of Heart - activated by Raw Chocolate!

Rochelle's amazing recipes feature in top selling books such as 'Raw Living' by Kate Magic Wood, 'New Earth Project - Vegan Recipes' by Sally Hunter & 'Evie's Kitchen' by Shazzie.

Lover Raw Chocolate related TV appearances include 'Raw Kitchen' on The Active Channel SKY 281, which went out to 35 million viewers, and Dara Dubinet's revered uTube Channel.



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